Science and technology help us to customize warm winter
Release time:2020-11-27

The PLA Daily (reporter Sun Xingwei, correspondents Hu Jian'an, Lu Lei) recently, led by the Logistics Department of the Central Military Commission, organized by the Western Theater, participated by the joint logistics support forces, and united with the national mountaineering team to Mount Everest and polar research center's northern and southern pole scientific research and development, a batch of new-type cold proof quilt clothing were urgently developed and produced for Gaoyuan border defense forces. These materials are specially tailored for the army officers and soldiers, with high technical content, good thermal insulation effect and light overall material. They will be distributed to front-line officers and soldiers in the near future, providing strong support for completing various training tasks under extremely cold conditions.

How to spend the winter safely and warm for the officers and soldiers of the plateau frontier defense has always been a problem of concern to the head of the CMC. On the basis of in-depth front-line investigation and research, the relevant departments of the logistics support department of the Central Military Commission organized local well-known enterprises to tackle key problems with intelligence according to the characteristics of plateau alpine climate and environment. Under the condition of tight time and heavy tasks, key scientific research personnel were selected to develop a series of cold proof, warm, light and comfortable bedding products.

According to the person in charge, there are 5 new varieties of cold proof bedding, which can enhance the protection function and further improve the light weight and convenience. Among them, the new single soldier sleeping bag integrates three product functions of 17 type individual tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, and is filled with 1300g, 900 fluffy waterproof gray goose down. It uses industrial structure design and material development technology to achieve an integrated breakthrough, with weight reduction and volume reduction, which is 50% less than the previous product volume. It can be used in plateau cold environment with altitude above 5000 meters and below - 40 ℃. The new type of down is used as training coat and down cotton trousers. The fabric is made of high-strength nylon fiber and bonded with thermoplastic elastic waterproof and moisture permeable film, which is soft to touch, wear-resistant and anti snagging. At the same time, the structural design of wadding improves the uneven distribution of warmth retention caused by down flow and the reduction of thermal insulation caused by down compression. The new type of cold proof boots adopts new materials such as low temperature resistant foam insole and high altitude mountaineering rubber sole. The total weight of the new type of cold proof boots is greatly reduced compared with 07 type cold proof boots. Anti abrasion and anti kicking pieces are added at the toe, heel and bilateral arches to protect the toes, heels and ankles and improve the service life. The new multi-purpose snow camouflage clothing is made of nylon and antistatic silk. The new coating technology is combined with snow camouflage, which can effectively improve the visibility and near-infrared concealment. The multi-layer wearing situation of carrying equipment and clothing is fully considered. The front is short and the back is long, and the internal activity allowance is reserved. In addition, the fake clothing can be used as tarpaulin to match with individual sleeping bag to make up for the short camouflage board of sleeping bag.